ERCA Structure

The implementation of the Community Competition Rules rests with ERCA and the Consultative Competition Committee (CCC), established under Article 13(4) of the Community Competition Rules. Primary enforcement of the Competition Rules is the mandate of ERCA. ERCA is headed by an Executive Director, assisted by two Directors and staff necessary for its smooth functioning. ERCA has the following divisions:

  1. Mergers and Acquisitions
  2. Competition and Economic Research Analysis
  3. Legal, Investigation, Compliance, and Enforcement
  4. Communications and Advocacy
  5. Administration and Human Resources
  6. Finance

The CCC is a thirty-member Committee comprising two competition experts from each Member State appointed for a four-year term. The CCC acts as an advisory body to ERCA in the area of competition and consumer protection. In particular, the CCC:

  1. considers all draft policies, guidelines, directives, instruments, rules and regulations presented to it by ERCA and shall make recommendations thereon;
  2. makes recommendations requesting ERCA to undertake studies or research pertinent to the formulation of policies in the area of competition and consumer protection; and
  3. assesses reports on the status of implementation of the principles and policies of competition and consumer protection in the region presented to it by ERCA with a view to making necessary recommendations.

The CCC is assisted by a Bureau elected from among its members, comprising the Chairman, the Vice Chairman, and three (3) Rapporteurs.

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